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Dallas man to plead guilty to making bomb threat

Martin Rezac, 61, of Dallas, is pictured in January inside the Gregory County Courthouse in Burke. (Republic file photo)

PIERRE — A Dallas man injured in an explosion has signed a plea agreement admitting he threatened a nurse and also threatened to destroy a Veterans Affairs building.

On Thursday, Martin Rezac, 61, signed a plea agreement that canceled a federal jury trial. He was accused of threatening to destroy VA facilities in Sioux Falls and Hot Springs, threatening a nurse and making false statements to law enforcement.

Between June 1 and Nov. 26, 2015, Rezac made multiple calls to a registered nurse at the Veteran Administration Medical Center in Sioux Falls, and during his last two phone calls, he threatened to harm her with an explosive and described how he could build a bomb, according to court documents.

He also threatened to damage and destroy a building on the Sioux Falls campus of the Veteran's Affairs Sioux Falls Health Care System.

On Nov. 26, 2015, which was Thanksgiving Day, Rezac was transported to a hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota, after his hands were injured in an explosion inside his Dallas home.

Rezac allegedly admitted to making the highly explosive substance hexamethylene triperoxide, which he was going to use to shoot off rockets. A search of his home allegedly uncovered other explosive devices and unknown substances.

A jury trial, which was scheduled for next week, was canceled. Rezac is scheduled to formally enter his guilty plea to one count of making a threatening communication by telephone during a court hearing later this month. The maximum penalty is 10 years in prison, a $250,000 fine and three years of supervised release.

Another count of making a threatening communication by telephone and one charge of giving a false statement, in which Rezac was accused of lying about having other explosives in his home, will be dismissed.