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Man crashes into several vehicles in low-speed incident at Cedar Shore Resort

The city of Chamberlain's water tower. (Daily Republic file photo)

OACOMA — Chamberlain police officers were not hurt after pinning an uncontrolled vehicle between two patrol cars on Wednesday.

According to Chamberlain Police Chief Joe Hutmacher, a 68-year-old Pierre man with a medical issue slowly struck several vehicles, including Hutmacher's 2008 Ford F150.

"Apparently he didn't have any control over what he was doing," Hutmacher said.

The man does not face charges and was flown to Sioux Falls for medical treatment, but was not injured as a result of the crash. The crash took place on the property of Cedar Shore Resort in Oacoma.

After striking several vehicles, the 2008 Dodge Ram 2500 driven by the Pierre man ultimately came to a stop once Chamberlain PD arrived on scene and pinned the vehicle between two patrol cars. Hutmacher's patrol vehicle sustained front-end damage, but the 2016 Ford Explorer patrol vehicle was not damaged.

No one was injured in the slow-moving series of crashes, and the Pierre man also drove through a couple of gates.

One of the vehicles in the incident, which Chamberlain PD responded to after the initial 10:45 a.m. call, wasn't as lucky as Hutmacher's patrol vehicle.

"One vehicle, a Cadillac, was shoved for over 100 feet across the parking lot," Hutmacher said.

The Brule County Sheriff's Office also responded to the incident. Lyman County Sheriff's Office also assisted with the incident report.