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December 10, 2017
Jessie Veeder, Coming Home columnist
Enjoy Momma's mouth-watering fudge recipe
15 hours 57 min ago
December 9, 2017
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LETTER: Help those in need, not the corporations and the rich
December 9, 2017 - 8:09pm
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LETTER: The taxpayers are watching
December 9, 2017 - 6:07pm
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LETTER: Money talks, even near Avon
December 9, 2017 - 4:06pm
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LETTER: Mueller's coup plotters panic
December 9, 2017 - 2:05pm
WOSTER: Celebrating a century with Lorene Gust
December 9, 2017 - 12:59pm
December 8, 2017
Chief Justice John Roberts during a talk in New York, Nov. 20, 2015. The justices seemed divided Nov. 27, 2017, on the constitutionality of a procedure that makes it easier to seek to invalidate a patent without going to court. (Richard Perry/copyright 2017 The New York Times)
The stupidest patents of 2017
December 8, 2017 - 2:49pm
Roxane Salonen
Did Hefner's death punch a hole in the dam?
December 8, 2017 - 9:52am
Gary Thury, who portrays George Bailey in "It's A Wonderful Life," speaks with A.J. Bierman, who plays Mr. Gower, during a dress rehearsal on Wednesday night at the Pepsi-Cola Theatre for the Fine Arts at the Mitchell Area Community Theatre. (Sara Bertsch / Republic)
'It's A Wonderful Life' a wonderful holiday offering
December 8, 2017 - 8:58am
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LETTER: Please, support C-PACE
December 8, 2017 - 8:09am
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LETTER: Republican Party, a moral cesspool
December 8, 2017 - 8:08am
December 7, 2017
OPINION: 'Honesty, hard work and helping others' part of being a South Dakotan
December 7, 2017 - 7:57am
December 6, 2017
OUR VIEW: Shopping online? That's not what SD's budget needs
December 6, 2017 - 4:48pm
Roy Moore, the Republican Senate candidate, campaigns in Fairhope, Ala., on Tuesday night, Dec. 5, 2017. Moore's race against Democratic candidate Doug Jones has become a closely watched referendum on the Republican Party leadership in Washington, the credibility of the national news media and the country’s tolerance for political spectacle. (Emily Kask/The New York Times) Copyright 2017 New York Times
Commentary: Stop calling the situation with Roy Moore a dilemma
December 6, 2017 - 9:21am
OPINION: Do you head for the hills during the winter?
December 6, 2017 - 8:01am