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LETTER: Stand beside President Trump

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To the Editor:

It has been seven months since the election and I'm appalled by what's still going on. The "beheading," the "assassination play" in New York. These being done by people run by hatred fringing on insanity!

President Trump won the election by connecting with the forgotten everyday American, something no other candidate has done. This is the reason he won, not because of a made up Russian collusion story which has yet to be proven, because it's not true!

There are many people who disliked how President Obama ran this country, but did you see the hatred and violence in his eight years in office? No!

President Trump loves this country, sticks up for the U.S. worldwide and won't apologize for who we are. He has been working day and night cleaning up the mess he inherited from previous administrations.

Another huge problem are the terrorists who believe in a radical ideology and are dead set on having Sharia Law implemented worldwide, and for some unknown reason, some Americans want this kind of life too. Just look at Europe with their open borders letting thousands of refugees in that are unvetted. A lot of these people are just trying to escape terrible situations, but the terrorists are coming in too. The terrible attacks that have been happening overseas in the name of Allah are beyond frightening! This could well be America, we need to take actions to stop this so our children and grandchildren don't have to live this horror!

We need to see beyond our hatred and pettiness, support this President, and help this country heal!

Beth Jurgensen