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LETTER: Concerns mount over GMO foods

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To the Editor:

I was in the outpatient surgery of our local hospital. We became involved in a genetic engineering discussion. This discussion as follows:

A nurse asked me if I was retired. I said "yes," after working 35 years as an engineer with five major aerospace companies. As part of my retirement, I bought a farm in South Dakota near my folks where I was born and raised. I raise alfalfa and grass hay for sale as feed. I do not grow genetically engineered crops. I am one of 76 North Americans who sued Monsanto over their threatened GE patent infringement lawsuits. Our lawsuits against Monsanto were tried in federal courts and I provided one of the depositions.

The nurse asked me about the outcome. I explained the court actions are at a stalemate. The appeals court decided Monsanto's promise not to sue for patent infringement against producers if GE contamination less than 1 percent was satisfactory. The nurse responded that Monsanto should not be contaminating anyone - 0 percent.

Other nurses listening to this talk all expressed they do not want to buy any GMO food items. They all prefer non-GMO foods and/or organic products. I explained to them I had my urine tested for the presence of glyphosate (Round-Up©). They all wanted to know the results. I explained, at this point, my urine tested trace amounts of glyphosate chemicals. This compares to Europeans who have 10 times trace amounts and the US population has 100 times trace amounts in their urine.

Several nurses stated these chemicals in our bodies are not healthy and may explain the higher incidences of cancer, autism and other long term diseases.

One of the nurses wanted to know why I have my farm. Another nurse said her 7-year-old son wants to be a farmer and another said they have horses and enjoy outdoor activities with them.

These professional nurses are a part of a local metropolitan area of over one million people. People are becoming very concerned about the food they eat. They are concerned and aware of the genetically engineered issues relating to our food production.

Chuck Noble